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Preparation for work

Q: Does the room need to be empty?

A: Yes. Moving furniture, pictures, drapes, etc., and protecting furniture and adjacent rooms from dust is the customerís responsibility. Under previous requests we can assist moving large pieces of furniture, but a labor charge will be applied.

Q: Do I need to be concerned with plumbing and/or heating?

A: Heritage does not disconnect, connect or move any plumbing. If we are installing your bathroom the toilet will need to be removed prior to our arrival. If we are installing in the kitchen (and going beneath the refrigerator) any plumbing connected to the refrigerator will also need to be disconnected before we arrive. Regarding heating, the room should be set at normal temperature for proper wood acclimation and dry-time for polyurethane. Cool temperatures indoors can slow the process and cold-freezing temperatures indoors will stop the process altogether.

Q: If Heritage makes preparations for sanding, is it necessary for me to prep as well?

A: Each homeowner has a different tolerance for dust. Our preparation for work, and our clean up when work is complete, is the same for each job site. However, peopleís reactions about the dust always vary. Only you, the homeowner, will know what your tolerance is for dust. Itís for this reason Heritage suggests you take time to prepare your home before we sand, whether the dust containment system is used or not. Our efforts combined will help control the dust situation.

Q: What can I do to prep my home for sanding?

A: We recommend covering electronics in adjacent rooms with plastic or sheets. If possible, close adjacent room doors and lay a towel at the base of the door. Taping up cabinets with blue painters tape should prevent dust from getting on your plates and your food. The more preparation that is done before we sand, the less clean up will needed when we leave.

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