For over a decade, Heritage Hardwood Flooring, family owned and operated, has provided the expertise to install and restore wood flooring in homes and businesses along the seacoast. No other flooring offers the warmth, lasting beauty, and value of wood. Let our skilled workers help you achieve the floor of your dreams. Heritage Hardwood Flooring operates at the highest level of professional conduct and integrity.


Q: I am having new wood installed in my home, how long should the wood sit in my home to become acclimated?

A: The wood should be delivered a minimum of 3 to 4 days prior to installation. The wood must be kept in the house (ideally in the room) where it is to be installed in order to maintain appropriate moisture content. Houses located near bodies of water typically need an extra couple of days to acclimate.

Q: Should I paint before or after my new wood floors are installed?

A: We recommend you paint after the floors are done; otherwise some touch-up painting may need to be done by others after the installation.

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