For over a decade, Heritage Hardwood Flooring, family owned and operated, has provided the expertise to install and restore wood flooring in homes and businesses along the seacoast. No other flooring offers the warmth, lasting beauty, and value of wood. Let our skilled workers help you achieve the floor of your dreams. Heritage Hardwood Flooring operates at the highest level of professional conduct and integrity.


Q: What type of finish should I choose?

A: We offer three: high gloss, semi gloss, and satin. High gloss is extremely shiny, satin is a low luster, soft sheen, and semi gloss is a happy medium. For the most part, your choice should be based on your personal preference. Keep in mind however, the shinier the finish, the more it will show scratches and dust.

Q: What is the difference between oil-based, water-based and tung oil finishes?

A: Oil-based polyurethane, when applied, brings out the rich deep color of the wood. It is very durable and recommended for high traffic areas. It takes several hours to dry and has a strong odor. Water-based polyurethane keeps the wood a lighter, more natural color. It dries very quickly and has little to no odor. Heritage doesnít recommend water-based finish on high traffic floors, especially for commercial businesses. Tung oil will also darken the floor a rich patina. It is quicker to dry than the oil-based polyurethane and it also has a slight odor.

Q: What is the process for coloring/staining my floors?

A: Staining is a terrific way to add color to a floor or to better match new flooring to existing flooring. To incorporate stain into your job, you must first choose a color of Minwax stain. (Heritage uses Minwax stain, as our experience has shown it works best with the polyurethane we use.) We can apply any of the 20 Minwax colors, with the exception of pickling. The stain is applied after the floor is sanded and must sit for approximately 48 hours before the polyurethane is applied.

Q: I donít know what color to stain my floor, will Heritage use their expertise to choose a color that works best?

A: Picking a color to fit the home or office is ultimately a personal choice of preference. The staff at Heritage will be happy to offer advice and answer any questions but the final decision should be made by the customer.

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