For over a decade, Heritage Hardwood Flooring, family owned and operated, has provided the expertise to install and restore wood flooring in homes and businesses along the seacoast. No other flooring offers the warmth, lasting beauty, and value of wood. Let our skilled workers help you achieve the floor of your dreams. Heritage Hardwood Flooring operates at the highest level of professional conduct and integrity.

Caring for Your Floor

Q: How should I clean my new wood floors?*

A: You can purchase a wood floor cleaning kit that is available in our showroom. Or you may clean your floors with a 50/50 mix of glass cleaner and water and wipe it with a damp mop. You may also use vinegar and water. NEVER wax your wood floors or use product’s containing wax, such as Murphy’s Oil Soap. Try to sweep daily to keep out excessive dirt and grit.

*Because refinished floors are susceptible to scuffing or marring during the 14 day curing process it is important that you do not clean with water or detergent in that time.

Q: What is the best way to protect my wood floors from scratches caused by furniture?

A:It is recommended that felt pads, available at your local hardware store, be placed under each leg of your furniture. This will create a cushion between the furniture and your floor, protecting your floor. Place a runner or throw rug in high traffic areas.

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